The best moment

If you are a painter or a photographer you may know the considerations which moment of a specific scene or event you should select to represent in your piece of art.

Peter Paul Rubens as a very productive artist paintend a lot of topics a lot of times, but each time from a slightly different prospective or time point .

One example are his scenes of The Judgement of Paris which you may find in several museums of the world. You might see the arrival of the three beauties, or the moment when Paris decides who should be awarded with the apple. We could also see him handing over the apple, or the following moment when one of beauties received the apple and the other two show us their deep disappointments.

As museum visitors we could try to imagine the full story when looking at such artwork. It’s easy if we know what happened before or after the displayed scene. If we don’t know that we may look for hints in the painting. E.g. we can see weapons in some of Rubens “judgements”, pointing to the Trojan war which resulted from the judgement and Paris’ award for his decision.

Painters or photographers may think in advance what will be the right moment. And if you can’t decide immediately – as Peter Paul Rubens you always have another chance to take a different point of time or of the story in a another shot or painting.

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