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  • Heike Seyffarth, Bremen, Germany
  • Mail: heike.seyffarth (at)

Artist Statement

Heike Seyffarth is a Germany-based artist with passion for generated art. Inspired by everyday situations and old and new works of art, creating art is for her a way to think about life and world. Works are about identitiy, individuality, and phantasy.

After finding an idea for generated images, she writes computer programs herself to do the boring work of trying variations, selecting colors, and combining forms. After specifying a possibility space and some restrictions in the computer programs, the programs’ execution creates hundreds or even thousands of variants from which she selects valid results afterwards.

She sells digital and analog pictures. Customers may specify their wishes regarding sizes or colors.

This page is about #generatedArt #computerArt #digitalArt #SVGArt #SVGGraphic #generierteKunst #Computerkunst.

Education / Study

Art Education
Akademie der kulturellen Bildung NRW
University of the Arts, Berlin
Photography Institute Cologne
Business Administration / Innovation Management
Hochschule Bremen
Creative Arts
Hochschule Bremen & Hochschule für Künste Bremen

Press Information on Generated Art at Swissartexpo

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