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Heike Seyffarth, Kunsthaus Findorff, Plantage 3, 28195 Bremen, Germany, email: generated [at ], phone: 0049 (0)173 2489 110

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Why Art?

  • Art is provoking
  • Art is connecting
  • Art is educating
  • Art is delighting

Who I am and what I do

Hello, I am Heike Seyffarth based in Germany and my passion is generated art. I am inspired by everyday situations and old and new works of art. For me art is a way to find a relation to life and world.

Usually I take my camera to find ideas for abstract pictures. Then I use the computer to do the boring work of trying variations, selecting colors or combining forms.

After putting in an idea, a possibility space and some restrictions, I let the machine create variants from which I select valid results afterwards.

I sell digital and analog pictures. If you have specific wishes regarding sizes or colors, just let me know.

If you are interested in purchasing a work please use the contact form below.

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Education / Study

Creative Arts, Hochschule Bremen & Hochschule für Künste Bremen
Curating, University of the Arts, Berlin
Photography, Photography Institute Cologne
Business Administration / Innovation Management, Hochschule Bremen
Art Education (incl. practice at documenta 14 and Biennale Venedig 2019), Akademie der kulturellen Bildung NRW


Sometimes I curate exhibitions online and offline, see some examples of online exhibitions here:

Sometimes I offer analog or digital salons, examples of 2021 are:

  • 2021-01-14: Art & Policy
  • 2021-02-11: Art & Money
  • 2021-03-11: Art & Food
  • 2021-05-27: Art & Myths
  • 2021-08-19: Art & Living
  • 2021-11-25: Art & Animals

Art Space Studio Kunst:Haus:Findorff (2021)

  • Project space in Bremen Findorff
  • Exhibitions:
    • 05-06/2021 Heimatkunde
    • 09-10/2021 Nature and Culture
    • 11-12/2021 Mirrored images
    • 12-01/2022 Framed

Art Space Studio 210 (2020)

  • Project space at visionskultur Bremen
  • Exhibitions:
    • 01-03/2020: Baltisch
    • 04-06/2020: Generator
    • 07-09/2020: Im Dickicht der Städte
    • 10-12/2020: Die Welt ohne uns

Art Space Studio 170 (2019)

  • Project space at Hulsberg Crowd, the urban laboratory in Bremen
  • Exhibitions:
    • 01/2019: Seestücke / Sehstücke
    • 02/2019: Standortbestimmung
    • 03/2019: Farbe und Form (mit Rudolf Kretschmann)
    • 04/2019: Wohin des Weges?
    • 05/2019: Die Vegetation trägt den endgültigen Sieg davon
    • 06/2019: Exformation
  • Educational offers:
    • 06.12.2018: Talk „Vom Wasser in Malerei und Fotografie“
    • 17.01.2019: Talk „Wasser-Kunst“
    • 01.02.2019: Workshop zu „Mr. und Mrs. Andrews“ von T. Gainsborough
    • 08.03.2019: Talk „Von Reduktion zu Abstraktion“ mit Rudolf Kretschmann
    • 20.03.2019: Talk „Mit Farben formen“ von Heike Seyffarth
    • 08.04.2019: Workshop „Mit den Stadtmusikanten unterwegs“
    • 17.04.2019: Talk „Ideenwanderungen“
    • 26.04.2019: Talk „Die Künstlerreise“
    • 09.05.2019: Lesung aus dem Roman „Karte und Gebiet“ von M. Houellebecq
    • 24.05.2019: Talk „Karl Blossfeldts Pflanzenwelten“
    • 18.06.2019: Filmgespräch zu „Finding Vivian Meyer“
    • 28.06.2019: Filmgespräch zu „Blow up“

Biographical Projects

  • Nobelpreisverdächtig (on nobel price winners and candidates
  • Schein und Sein (about Cindy Sherman)
  • In vorzüglicher Hochachtung (about Karl Blossfeldt)
  • Der Fischer und seine Frau (about a fairy tale by Philipp Otto Runge)